Danses débutants novices 2022/2023

Getting older - Brayan Bogey

AA - Linda Scott

Time to be alive - Arnaud Marraffa et Séverine Fillion

2 stepping away - Rob Fowler - Kate Sala - Darren Bailey

Intoxicating - Rob Holley

Mighty fine - Ria Vos

Always Humble - Willie Brown

Road house rock - Rob Fowler

Love lock - Ole Jacobson

Double devil - Séverine Fillion et Chrystel Durand

I am on my way - Maggie Gallagher

Heave away - Rob Fowler

AB Wild hearts - Steve Cavanaugh

Mellow Moonlight - Sue Ayers

Fish in the sea - Chrystel Durand

Out on the dance floor - Julie Snailham

Won't you dance with me - Brenda Holcomb

Heads or tails - Pal F. Ryan

When will i be loved - Gary O Reilly

AB Twenty one Century cowboy - Martine Cannone

Too drunk to drive - Frédéric Marchand

Way out west - Agnès gauthier

Be a better man - JM. Belloque - Roy Verdonck

Kiss me - Mathieu L'huillier

Sweat and texas - Séverine Fillion







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Danses  intermédiaires 2022/2023

Mr Policeman - Ria Vos

Sweet Ireland - Gary O Reilly

Tourist - Séverine Fillion

Dim the lights - Maddidon Glover

Mama and me - Gary O Reilly

Knock off - C. Durand, G. Bourdages, J. Lépine, N. Poulsen, S. Cormier et N. Lachance

Have a brocken heart - Brayan Boggey

Crazy S - Séverine Fillion

Blacktop - Marie Claude Gil

Rock'n roll found me - Chrystel Durand

Far from it - Andrew Hayes - Heather Barton

Wild hearts - Stefano Civa

Station 4 - R. Vingert - G. Scaccianoce - A. Marrafa - C. Durand

No last call - S. Fillion - A. Gauthier - MC. Gil

12 snap - Maggie Gallagher

Press rewind - Fabian Muller

Get in or get out - Maggie Ghallagher

Thelma - Darren Bailey

Patty Murphy - Chrystel Durand

Sweat and dust - Castagnoli - Civa - Fillion - Loveras - Pasin

Come my way - C. Durand - S. Fillion - G. Roussel

Jersey giant - Gudrun Schneider

Til the neons gone - Darren Bailey

On the top of the world - Jerome Burlet

New friends - Gary O'Reilly

Drinkaby - Rachael McEnaney

When you're drunk - Heather Barton - Glynn Rodgers

Irish boots - R. Verdonck - I. Verhagen - K. Sala

Right girl wrong time - Darren Bailey

Sicilia - S. Fillion - C. Durand - G. Scaccianoce




Danses vintage

Mr Policeman - Ria Vos

Footloose - Rob Fowler

Skiffle time - Darren Bailey

Bring down the house - Stéphane Cormier et Denis Henley

Golden wedding ring - Séverine Fillion

Open heart cowboy - Sandrine Tassinari et Magali Lebrun

Wayfaring stranger - Joyce Nicholas

Quater after one - Levi J. Hubbard

Bounty - Séverine Fillion

# Redneck - Séverine Fillion