Danses débutants / novices

Half a cha - Rob Fowler

24 reasons - Rob Fowler

Dust - Victor Manuel Rodriguez

Texas time - Alan Birchall et Jacqui Jax

Sweet heart - Ria Vos

Almost sathurday night - J. Kinser, I.Verhagen and D. Geelen

Easy twist - Séverine Fillion

John Henry - A. Marraffa et N. Bertin

Gone west - Gary O Reilly et Mary Gallagher

These old boots - Rob Fowler

Endless - Pol Ryan

Bonaparte's retreat - Maddison Glover

Bad fiddling - C. Durand et S. Fillion

By and By - Chrystel Durand

On veut des legendes - Marie-Claude Gil

Born to be great - Conrad Farnham

Done - Darren Bailey









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Danses intermédiaires / avancés

Everybody wanna - Tina Argyle

Mother trucker - Rob Fowler

Floor it - Rob Fowler

Remember these words - Gaye Theater

Graffiti - Karl-Harry Winson

Bud light blue - Darren Bailey

Southern side - Michel Emorrine

Anymore - Michel Emorrine

Bad fiddling - S. Fillion et C. Durand

Young again - Heather Barton

Country family - Bruno Morel

Magnolia Lotta - Martine Canonne

Rednek - Séverine Fillion

Backroad nation - Bruno Morel

After a few - Dan Albro

Miss our days - Pol F. Ryan

Small town summers - Karl Harry Winson

Backseat driver - Bruno Morel

Anyone else - Marie-Claude Gil

Bring it - Stefano Civa