Danses débutants / novices 2018/2019

Anthem - Guylaine Bourdages

Born to love - Gudrun Schneider

Last dance for me - Séverine Fillion et Céline Paschetta

Ghost town - Arnaud Marraffa

Down on your uppers - Gary O Reilly

All shook up - Naomie Fleewood

Desirable - Chrystel Durand

Locash - Marie-Claude Gil

Whiskey bridges - Maddison Glover

Hold the line - Arnaud Marraffa

Green earth - Séverine Fillion

Eyes on you - J.M. Belloque - D. Trepat - S. Hotland

The Banks of the roses - Tina Argyle

Doctor, doctor

Get it right - Maddison Glover

Blue cowboy - Kate Sala

Oh me oh my oh - Rob Fowler

Beeswing  - Tina Argyle

 Off the beaten track - Gary O'Reilly

Just a burning man - Dan Albro

Never ever - Pietra et Piotr Kiesswetter

Keep it simple - Marie Gallagher











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Danses intermédiaires / avancés 2018 / 2019

Farmer's wife - Séverine Fillion

I got this too - Kate Sala

Young forever - Alison & Peter

Simple as can be - Julia Wetzel

Diane - Séverine Fillion

Locash - Marie-Claude Gil

Crossroad - David Villellas & Montse Chafino

Cinderella - Virginie Barjaud

See ya cecilia - Rob Fowler & Laura Sway

The bank of the roses -Tina Argyle

Damn - Rob Fowler

Cloud 9 - Tina Argyle

Fenceposts - Bruno Morel

Day of victory - Pol F.Ryan

Nothing but you - Darren Bailey

Bound ta git down - Rob Fowler

Safe haven - Bruno Morel et Séverine Fillion

You're in it - Lionel Rajon (tuto)

You're in it - Démo

Texas time - Alan Birchall et Jacky Jax

Cherry bomb - Rob Fowler

Lost in me - David Villellas

Strait to the bar - Dan Albro

Honky Tonk mood - Rob Fowler