Danses 1er cours : débutantes et novices

Back to the start - Hailey Wheatley

Outta my mind - Rob Fowler, Kate Sala, Guillaume Richard & Darren Bailey

Never Drinking again - Lee Hamilton

Honkytonk minute - Séverine Fillon, Brayan Bogey &McAdam Cowboy

Ready for It - Evan Vanscoyk

Country song - Bruno morel

Lucky Lips - Gary Lafferty

Make some new love - Jef Camps, José Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk

The road - Arnaud Marraffa

AB Wintergreen - Martine Canonne

Good Rockin Daddy - Niels Poulsen

Honky Tonk Slap - Sévevrine Fillon, Chrystel Durand & Brayan Bogey

Me and you - Séverine Fillion

Country dance - Agnès Gauthier

Nangilima EZ - Arnaud Marraffa

Magic work - Vanesa Barambio

No truck song - Stéphane Cormier

Stand by me - Roy Verdonk & Raymond Sarlemijn

Sweat & texas - Severine Fillion

Down - Arnaud Marraffa 

Baby walked in - Tina Argyle

Tippin' it up - Gary O'Reilly 

Crazy song - Brayan Bogey & séverine Fillon 

Clear Isabel - Flo Moresteps

That honkytonk Highway - Maggie Shipley

The morning after - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'reilly

We're good to go - Rob fowler

BBB - Séverine Fillion

Memory Lane - Nicole Petrocelli

Dark Night - Chrystel Durand

Another Country - Bruno morel

Texas Hold'em - Guylaine Bourdages

Drive you out of my mind - Gudrun Schneider

Danses intermédiaires

Love at the party - Brayan Bogey

My broken heart - Gary O Reilly

Country nights - M. Gallagher & G. O Reilly

Border Collie - Chrystel Durand et Brayan Bogey

Dust to dust - Darren Bailey

Someone to you - Guillaume Richard

Road to Errogie - K.H. Winson & B. Francis

Year of the young - David Lecaillon

Ghosted - Niels Poulsen

Hard to say - Bruno Morel

Around the fire - Kate Sala, Chrystel Durand, Guillaume Richard & Darren Bailey

Now i know - Stefano Civa

Good memories - Brayan Bogey

The one - Marie Claude Gil

I can feel it - Chrystel Durand et Guillaume Richard

Drive you out of my mind - Gudrun Schneider

Keepin it Country - Heather Barton

Nangilima - Vanesa Barambio

All about Now - Heather Barton

Somebody you love - Stefano Civa 

Forgive me friends - Annie Ladouceur

The wish - Pol F.Ryan & Francesca Penzo 

Fast Car - Macadam Cowboy 

Straight Line - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly

Cowboy Don't - Roy Verdonk , Sebastian Holtland & Ira Weiburd

The card you gamble - Gary O'reilly 

A different summer - Neus Lloveras & Lourdes Martin

Get up -Vanessa Barambio 

White poppy - Marie claude Gil, David Villellas, Rob Fowler, Séverine Fillion & Agnès Gauthier 

Can't pass the bar - Darren Bailey

Crystal Cha - Maddison Glover & Simon Ward

3 tequila floor - Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson

Danses Vintages

Somebody Like You - Alan Birchall

Homegrown - Rachel Mcenaney

Irish stew - Lois Lightfoot 

Jambalaya - Ian ST.Leon

Askin Question - Larry Bass

Cowboy Madison - David LInger

Chill Factor - Daniel Whittaker & Haylay Westhead

Danses Partner

Love Ain't - Laurence & alain Furet

Done - Régine Quevilly



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